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About Women Rock 2

Hi, I’m Dr. Linda Harris and I am an advocate for women.

I am an advocate for You.

I am a mother of two awesome children.  I am an ex-military spouse of 25 years and an entrepreneur.  But most importantly, I am a person seeking to empower others and provide a safe community for women today.

As I was growing up my generation was raised by a village.  I sensed the need to embrace the idea of drafting great women to be that village for other girls and women. 

In adulthood, I did not have the village of women to help me along the way. 

I always knew my greatness lied within but needed the help of other great women.  

Creating a Future for Everyone

The future we strive for- women empowering women and creating a strong future generation.  

The mission of Women Rock 2 organization is simple to say, but hard to flesh out: To build a global community that advocates, supports, educate, and equip the purpose driven life of all girls and women. 

This organization brings together women of all races and creeds from various business professions to provide leadership, education, training and empowerment to other women and girls while helping them to pursue their life purpose with the next generation in mind.


My Journey

ca   , an authorrecieved  is to be a philanthropist in whatever community I am a part of.   This is and has always been my mission and goal in life. 

I love to serve, help, and educate all people.  It is my desire ttouch the lives of people in such a way that they are changed in a positive way.

I have lived overseas for many years, trading currency in 26 different countries, experiencing my passion for travel, and understanding working with people from different cultures all over the world.

At the current time I am Dr. Linda Harris, I received my doctoral degree from Fielding Graduate University, a Fellow at the Marie Fielder Center for Democracy, Leadership, and Education, an author, entrepreneur, practitioner, and scholar.  Over the past years, I have been working as an educator for MSCS (Memphis Shelby County Schools).  I am the CEO of my own company called Fyath.

I have assisted the Board of Education in several counties, in the advancement of Education to ensure students excel in grade school.  I worked with DOD (Department of Defense) schools as the Superintendent Committee Representative for Geary County.

I had the most joyful experience of teaching grade-schoolers the “Keys to Economic Success” for many years in Memphis, TN with Phi Lambda Omega (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority).  More than what I have studied in school and in college, it has been these meaningful experiences that have shaped the person that I am today.


Our Inspirations

Women who are “Rocking The World Around Them” and changing the the lives of others in their community.  

           Cori Smith, Founder

Sumi Krishnan, Artist, Advocate, & Entreprenhuer

Melinda Richardson, Author & Minister

Shirley Raines, Founder 


P.O. Box 
Brunswick, TN 38133




M – F : 9am–5pm

Sat : 12am–6pm

Sun : Closed