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In life you will have occurrences that will knock you off your feet and you don’t know how you will find the strength to embrace life again. 

I have news for you and by the way it’s good news. You can enjoy life again!  I have encountered many TKO’S and there were times I did not want to live. 

One particular TKO, was when my brother committed suicide and took the life of my sister-in-law.  I never knew such hurt and pain could exist. 

I could not let what happened to me paralyze me because I had two wonderful children that was counting on me.  I had to awaken the sleeping giant inside of me and fight for my life, my purpose, my children, and my destiny. 

I realized while on my voyage to recovery, I did not know my own strength.  I found the strength within to live my life again and you can too.  Please share your encouraging stories to give others strength to live their life again!