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When we look around, we see all women in different sizes, shapes and colors. I often wonder what we see when we look at another woman. 

Is it possible that you see the abuse, the broken heart, the loneliness, the addict, the over achiever, the shop-a-holic or a run away mother?  The list goes on. 

Often we fail to realize that we are our sister.  At some point in any woman’s life, she will experience some of the same things another woman has experienced. 

I encourage you to support your sister.  When she is discouraged, give her words of encouragement.  When she is lost, give her your hand to guide her.  When she need a friend, be that friend to her. 

In other words, you are your sister’s keeper.  Please share your sister’s keeper stories.  I would love to hear how sister’s are being there for one another.