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Now that I have your undivided attention! I would like to say there are several things that I know for sure.  It’s amazing how we deceive ourselves. 

I must admit, while going through my divorce, I kept saying how did this happen? 

In all actuality,  I did not just get up one morning and all of a sudden I was going through a divorce.  If I was to be honest, I had been going through a divorce for years without realizing it.

I tried to convince myself that my marriage was not in trouble and that this all will work out.  If I had been honest and faced the giant before me, then I could have saved myself some agony. 

 I continued to lie to myself and say all the things that my heart could handle at that time.  In life, you cannot change what you will not confront. 

It’s easy to say, “He loves me” instead of walking away from a dead end relationship.  We tell ourselves, “He will change” knowing that his actions speak louder than words. 

What lies are you telling yourself?  Please share, and while you are sharing I hope that you might find truth. 

And remember:

“To thine own self be true” -William Shakespeare