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Do you know your purpose?  

Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  

As we enter into a new year, most of us are still trying to figure out what on earth am I here for!  I struggled many years before I accepted the fact that I am an educator.  

I recall many days as I was growing up, I did not play with dolls.  I recall imitating the teacher and sculpting math problems in the mud.  I always knew deep down inside that I was gifted to teach.

However, teaching was not my focus or interest.  I wanted to be and do everything other than teach.  Later on in life, I discovered teaching was the one thing I could do with ease but with a little nervousness.

  I must admit my own idiosyncrasies, unaware of the value of a teacher. 

Today, I fully embrace my gift. 

My gift allows me to operate in my purpose.  I openly accept that my purpose is to teach others. 

My main focus is teaching women how to live the life that they were designed to live.  Empowering them to live out loud doing what they love. 

Until you understand your purpose, life will never really make sense. 

I would love to hear some exciting stories from those of you who are living purpose driven lives.  Your stories can absolutely help others. Comment your story below, or feel free to reach out to share on our blog.

Just remember, live out loud!