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You are enough! I have seen this phrase over and over on social media, on jewelry, and clothes. I think it’s something we should take notice of. Often, we feel that we should be this or if we had more or less of something our lives would be sufficient. We see others and feel if we had what they had we would be enough. I want to pause here and say just because you see their glory, trust me there is a story. This means the lives that others’ lives are not what you think. People go through so much to achieve and be who they are. So, just aspire to be you! We judge our lives, our bodies, our jobs, our relationships, our families…. and the list goes on according to what the world thinks “enough” means. Have you taken a moment to see what it is you like about yourself? More times than not we often find ourselves feeling this way because of past traumas in our lives that involve our esteem and how we have been taught to love and like ourselves. We settle in relationships because we do not know our worth and the value of the person we are. Have you stopped to ask yourself why you feel you are not enough? More than likely you are measuring yourself according to something or what someone else thinks is the reason why you feel you are not enough. As a little girl you may have been told that you’re not pretty and then therefore you grow up as a grown woman with this engraved idea you are not enough because you were told you were not pretty. A trauma such as this one will cause women and girls to become victims of domestic violence because they chose someone that made them believe they are not enough. You may be someone who was and is obese from childhood to adulthood and was told you are fat. So, therefore, you look at what the world says beauty is and what body shape you should have and feel you are not enough. This may be just a fraction of the reason why some feel they are not enough, and others may feel inadequate because someone has made them feel they are not enough. I want you to grade your paper and don’t allow someone else to grade it. What do I mean by that? Who do you say you are? What makes you happy? What do you want in life? How pretty or handsome do you think you are? What is your purpose? Who does God say you are? Do you think you are enough? Don’t let others define you and tell you that you are not enough! Often people who do this are not complete or enough themselves. I want to tell you that you are enough! Everything about you is beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. If you’re not happy about something involving yourself, work on yourself! Also, you are who you say you are! Be encouraged and walk like you are enough! Talk like you are enough! Live like you are enough! Share your “enough” experiences with others who may feel that they are not enough. Remember your messages came from the mess in your life but your mess can save someone else’s life because they too will have a message.